Early Placement

Senior Early Placement Requirements

*To be eligible for early placement, career technical assessments must be passed

Requirements for Placement:

  • 5 or fewer absences
  • B or better in Lab
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Passed webxams

Requirements for Plus:

All of the same requirements as regular placement but must maintain a B or better in all classes – academics and lab.

Behavior/Suspensions – Must have excellent behavior: no out of school.

Employment must be:

  • -Paid with taxes taken out and worker’s comp.
  • -15 hrs.+ per week
  • -Related to career tech program


            Early placement is a privilege, not a right.

            Early Placement has the following objectives:

  1. To provide experience on specialized equipment not available at school.
  2. To provide the student with an opportunity to adjust to employment practices.
  3. To provide employers with well-trained employees.
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