Heavy Truck-Diesel

The demand for skilled diesel technicians continues to grow because trucks are a vital part of our country’s economy. Our Heavy Truck/Diesel lab is one of the highest level technology labs in the state of Ohio! This program is designed to provide students with practical instruction in the diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of trucks, buses, and other diesel-powered equipment. Heavy Truck/Diesel students work with a variety of equipment from small trucks to tractor-trailers. Students are trained in the following certificated curriculum areas: diesel and gasoline engines, air/hydraulic brake systems, steering/suspension systems, electrical systems, drivetrain, and heating/air-conditioning systems (including transport refrigeration and mechanical and electronic fuel injection).

  • Diesel Technician Trainee
  • Truck/Auto Parts Sales Representative
  • Truck Driver
  • Heavy Equipment Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Vehicle Component Technician (servicing
  • alternators, air compressors, tires, starters,
  • etc.)
  • Parts/Service Manager
  • Operating Equipment Apprentice
  • Owner/Operator
  • Shop Supervisor
  • Fleet Manager

*Average Salary Range: $28,000- $85,000

*Based on skill level, education and experience

“I feel the Heavy Truck /Diesel program has changed my life, greatly, for the better. Not only has it assisted me on going to college but has also taught me many things that have helped in my career, working in the diesel field. Without this program, I would not be anywhere close to where I am today.”

-Ryan Vitale–RG Drage/Marlington High School Graduate

Program Instructor: Jason Shaner Email: jason.shaner@rgdrage.org
Industry Credentials: Student ASE Certification and OHSA Forklift Certification
Course Credits: 3 Credits Per Year
Student Organization: SkillsUSA
College Partners: Stark State College, University of Akron and UNOH

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